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You will be required to login using either your SEASnet or EA account or an account given to you for this download purpose. If you need and do not have a SEASnet account:

  • Students can apply via
  • Faculty and staff must come to the SEASnet office, 2684 Boelter Hall, to fill out an application. Please bring proof of department affiliation and photo ID.

By accessing this site it is understood that SEASnet is not responsible for the installation of any software on your machine; either in HSSEAS or at home. Assistance provided with this service is minimal and can only be accommodated through requests sent via email to the appropriate address listed below for each program. Walk-in assistance will not be provided. Finally, please make sure that you keep a copy of license information for all software you have downloaded. SEASnet will not retrieve license keys.

Before sending email for assistance please make sure you read these FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS


Software Eligibility

Dreamspark Premium (formerly MSDN Academic Alliance) 

Dreamspark Premium service is available via You must be either 1) UCLA students who have paid their registration fee for the current quarter and are registered in at least one credit engineering course or 2) HSSEAS tenure track faculty members. If you are eligible, then please logon to Under [My Engineering] and click on the link "Software Download" in "My Tools" box on the left.

MathType (for faculty, staff, and students):

HSSEAS faculty, staff and students who have a valid SEASnet or EA account. Email with any questions. This software is not available to non-engineering students. If you are a non-engineering student enrolled in a course that requires the MathType fonts you will need to use the software in the SEASnet labs or you may download a 30-day evaluation version available from Design Science.
** MathType 6.9** - for Current Issues / Fixes please see info at
MCCA (for faculty & staff): [Basic Dreamspark Premium/MCCA Program Differences]
HSSEAS faculty and staff who have a valid SEASnet or EA account.
NOTE: If the software you're looking for is not on the download site, or if you need to report a problem or just have a general question, email
NOTE: for Activation Instructions, please see our link:
ADOBE (for faculty & staff): HSSEAS faculty and staff who have a valid SEASnet or EA account.
NOTE: If you need to report a problem or just have a general question, email
*** You may need to install the program / run as "administrator"
*** (right Click .exe file and Click "run as administrator"
for further info, see
Autodesk (for faculty, staff, and students):
Available to anyone with a .edu address.
Dreamspark (for student use only): Available to UCLA students with a BOL login ID.
Abaqus (for academic students, professors and researcher use only): Need to submit eligibility request
ANSYS ANSYS offers a student version of their software for $25. This offer is only available to HSSEAS students. For information regarding this offer, please email and include your student ID number for verification. You will then be sent instructions on how to purchase the student version.

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