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Class Websites and MyEngineering

Engineering class websites are hosted at CCLE (Common Collaboration & Learning Environment).

For tutorials on CCLE, please see

MyEngineering –

(previously Courseweb) does not host class websites, but is home to the following engineering-specific services for students, instructors and TAs:

  • Class resource activation
  • ABET accreditation and related surveys
  • Undergraduate faculty advising
  • Undergraduate peer mentoring
  • Microsoft Imagine Premium software downloads (a gateway to Microsoft software download)
  • Departmental student email/announcement tool
  • Technical breath area and major option specification tool

History of CourseWeb and Why We Moved to CCLE

  • CourseWeb was renamed to MyEngineering in Summer 2014 after its class websites were moved to CCLE. CourseWeb had hosted class websites from Spring 2004 – Spring 2014.
  • CCLE is based on Moodle, a leading-edge open source learning management system.
  • CCLE is used by almost all academic units on campus, and students have requested a single learning management system.
  • CCLE already has many features that Courseweb does not have, such as the ability to clone a class site, to delay-send emails, quizzes, wikis, etc. – we will ensure that those features currently only available in Courseweb remain available to our instructors until they can be developed in CCLE.
  • HSSEAS’ use of the CCLE will allow SEASnet to develop additional engineering specific applications in MyEngineering and make improvements to CCLE that will benefit all students at UCLA.
  • A portion of engineering undergraduate IEI fees is dedicated to CCLE.