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Autodesk Software

The Student Design Community sponsored by Autodesk® is a FREE social networking website for design students in the fields of architecture, construction, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Design students are able to download free student editions of Autodesk software, find jobs, discuss projects, share work and learn from the experts.

Free downloads of Autodesk® Revit® Building, Autodesk Civil® 3D®, Autodesk® VIZ and Autodesk® Inventor® are available to design students as well as e-learning, tutorials, curriculum and chat rooms. The Student Design Community is a vehicle for students to collaborate with other students on their campus as well as other universities around the world.

To be eligible to download software you must be connected to the wireless network on campus. If you would like to install the software on a home computer, you would need to have the campus VPN software running on your home machine.

Although SEASnet is providing you with a link to this valuable resource, we will not be able to provide any support for these products. If you have any questions on using this service or the software, they would need to be submitted through the program website, as SEASnet does not maintain this service.

Click here to log in to the Autodesk Student Engineering and Design Community website.