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School Administrative and Student Affairs Databases (SADB)


Updated 03/07/2019

Database Description Used By How to Access
Campus Directory Allows you to conveniently and quickly search for only people within the School of Engineering by any search string, such as name, building, room number, phone, etc.. You can also expand the search scope to include everyone on campus. All Go to
Contracts, Grants, and General Accounts Stores all financial accounts in the School of Engineering that are active and inactive. The data are combined from the UCLA Office of Research Administration (ORA), FS QDB, and R-NET QDB. Local data fields, such as efforts and various comments, are attached to each account record. Dean’s Office and all department fund managers and purchasing (limited view). Login to School Administrative Databases and select “Contracts, Grants and General Accounts”
Course Scheduling Keeps track of all courses offered by each department, Professors, Teaching Assistants, Visiting Professors, etc. Contains evaluation scores for instructor-led courses. Assists in the planning of academic instruction on a quarterly and yearly basis.  Generates all the academic personnel Teaching Record report. Allows departments to view each other’s schedules to prevent conflicts of when courses are offered. Dean’s Office, Student Affairs, and academic departments Login to Student Affairs Databases and select “Courses”
Cylinder Tracking and Demurrage Keeps track of when cylinders are delivered and returned from the Storehouse.  The location of cylinder and PI are indicated.  Each cylinder is identified by a bar-code which is generated from the database.  Keeps track of demurrage charges. Shipping and Receiving Login to School Administrative Databases and select “Gas Cylinders”
* Graduate Admissions Stores information pertaining to graduate student applications and provides an interface to generate a wide variety of response letters.  Used for decision making on acceptances, stipends, fellowships, etc.  Other custom report features are included. Student Affairs and academic departments Web interface: EA database login
Functions: view applicant
data; export applicant data
to file (e.g.: Excel); generate admissions emails, letters,
and labels.

Command to access database:
admisdb [dept]
Database commands: INFORMIX
* Graduate Students Stores information on all current graduate students including classes, grades, advisor, major, etc.  Used for a variety of reports and decision information on student programs. Student Affairs and academic departments Web interface: none
Command to access database: studentdb [dept]
Database commands: INFORMIX
Non-Inventorial Equipment Keeps track of equipments purchased that fall below the campus threshold for inventorial equipment ($5000). All departments and Dean’s units Login to School Administrative Databases and select “Non-Inventorial Equipment”
Personnel/Payroll Use UCPath reports in Cognos, For the list of reports available, see Dean’s Office and HR Login to
Shops and Recharges Facilitates Shops and IT recharge management. Daily batch submits recharges to the campus. Maintains information on estimates, labors, internal materials inventory and generates various administrative reports. Shops and IT Login to School Administrative Databases and choose “Shops and Recharges” (IE not supported)
Space Stores the campus space information ( as read-only and allows for additional local space information to be attached to each space. Dean’s office and all departments Login to School Administrative Databases and choose “Space”
Undergraduate Admissions Stores all information pertaining to undergraduate student applications for admissions, used for decision making on acceptances, denials, statistics, etc. Student Affairs, department chairs and vice-chairs, and External Affairs Login to Student Affairs Databases and choose “Undergraduate Freshman Admissions” or “Undergraduate Freshman Admitted Applicants”
* Undergraduate Students Keeps all undergraduate students that are enrolled for the current quarter and their grades from previous courses passed.  A degree check program gives information on course completion and eligibility for graduation. Other reports generate lists for Scholarship’s, petitions filed and statistics. Student Affairs and academic departments Web interface: none
Commands to access database: saform students (student info); asform (advanced standing)
Database commands: INFORMIX
Supported Machines Stores the status of the department computers/printers that are supported by SEASnet. Administrative department heads and IT Login to School Administrative Databases and choose “Supported Machines”