Email Accounts and Settings

Who has a SEASnet Email Address?

Most correspondence will be directed to the official email address on record at UCLA. However, there are times when SEASnet will contact you directly at another address (such as when you have registered an IP address with us using a different account, or there is a problem with your SEASnet account). Note that a requirement of having a SEASnet account with an email address is that you will either forward your email to an account that you do check, or you will check your SEASnet email regularly.

Mail Servers and Limits (NOTE: SEASnet is in the process of discontinuing these old mail services)

Mail ServerLimit
POP/IMAP server
  • Server name:
  • see Configuring Mail Programs below
Outgoing (SMTP) serverFor outgoing mail server, you can use one of the followings:

  • set outgoing mail server to with SEAS username and password
    (As of 12/12/2016, is still allowed as long as the device is connected to the SEAS network)
  • set outgoing mail server to with BOL username and password
  • set outgoing mail server to some smtp server provided by the internet service provider for the device
Maximum message size
  • 50 MB, including the size of attachments
Disk quota
  • 4 GB


Configuring* Mail Programs

*SEASnet will do our best to assist users in configuring non-supported devices; however, please make sure that you have backed up your device prior to coming to the help desk for assistance. SEASnet will not be responsible for the loss of any data.

Mail clientTypeServer NameSetting
ThunderbirdIMAPmail01.seas.ucla.eduport=143, STARTTLS, Normal password
POP3mail01.seas.ucla.eduport=110, STARTTLS, Normal password
Outgoingsmtp2.seas.ucla.eduport=587, STARTTLS, Normal password
Please close mail connection before you configure a new setting
Authentication: Password
Server Port: 143
Outlook 2010IMAPmail01.seas.ucla.eduport=143, TLS
POP3mail01.seas.ucla.eduport=995, Check This server requires a secure connection (SSL)
Outgoingsmtp2.seas.ucla.eduport=587, TLS
iOS 9.xIMAPmail01.seas.ucla.eduUse SSL: ON, Authentication: Password, Server Port: 143
POP3mail01.seas.ucla.eduUse SSL: ON, Authentication: Password, Server Port: 110
Outgoingsmtp2.seas.ucla.eduUse SSL: ON, Authentication: Password, Server Port: 587
muttIMAPmail01.seas.ucla.edumodify .muttrc
set ssl_starttls=yes
set spoolfile=imap://
alpineIMAPmail01.seas.ucla.edumodify .pinerc
SEASnet: modify /etc/pine.conf.fixed on login servers
gmail If you’re popping SEAS email from your gmail account, set
POP Server:
Port: 995
(check) Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.