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Software Downloads

Depending on the software, you will be required to log in using your UCLA Logon ID.

SEASnet is not responsible for the installation of any software on your machine, either in UCLA or at home. Assistance provided with this service is minimal and can only be accommodated through requests sent via email to the appropriate address listed below for each program. Walk-in assistance will not be provided. Finally, please make sure that you keep a copy of license information for all software you have downloaded. SEASnet will not retrieve license keys.

See also Software Download Frequently Asked Questions.

Software Eligibility Download Requirements
Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly Imagine/Dreamspark) Available to UCLA students and employees (with a valid UCLA Email account) for instructional and non-commercial research purposes; you cannot use it to run the infrastructure of a department. must not use to login, but only use to verify affiliation with UCLA
MCCA* [Basic Microsoft Azure Dev Tools/MCCA Program Differences]
Available to Engineering tenure track faculty and non-research staff on payroll.NOTES:
– If the software you’re looking for is not on the download site or if you need to report a problem or just have a general question,
– For Activation Instructions, please click HERE.- OFFICE NOTE: on NEW PC’s, Please Un-Install any OFFICE / Trial Prior to installing

  • MAC Office – with the Catalina OS, Office 2016 will no longer work, please download / install Office 2019
  • MAC Office 2016 – ensure you run the Serializer first, then install the software
  • MAC Office 2019 – please download both the Serializer (run prior to install) and the Installer
must have account
Office ProPlus Available to UCLA students through Bruin OnLine. must have account
Abaqus Available to UCLA students and faculty. Need to submit eligibility request at
Adobe Creative Cloud UCLA has obtained a sitewide license for all faculty, staff and students for Adobe Creative Cloud. This license provides you with access to versions of various Adobe apps like Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Please click on the link to the left to view instructions on how to download your Adobe software. must have account

ANSYS Student software is free for download from ANSYS at

The ANSYS Full Version license is for Engineering classes only.

Autodesk Available to anyone with an .edu address.

Available to Engineering students, tenure track faculty and non-research staff on payroll.

– This software is not available to non-engineering students. If you are a non-engineering student enrolled in a course that requires the MathType fonts, you will need to use the software in the SEASnet labs.
– WINDOWS – The current version will not work with Office-2019.
– MAC – Per the MathType Site:
– for Mathtype for MAC Mojave or earlier, you must contact MathType Support at:
– Email with any questions.

must have accountt
MATLAB MATLAB software is available as a self-service installation for individual user computers. For details about obtaining access, installing, and using MATLAB software, please see How to Get MATLAB.  For questions, please contact UCLA Software Central at
Pro/II Approval is required to download Pro/II.
Other software offerings at UCLA

UCLA IT Services offers some software at no cost to faculty, staff and students.

UCLA Software Central has campus-wide agreements for the software products and services commonly used in support of UCLA’s teaching, research and public service missions.

must have account

* If your software requires a license key it will be automatically emailed to your Official UCLA Email Address.