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Personal Website

How to Create Your Homepage

Description Commands
Log in to your SEASnet account under UNIX.
Change the permission of your home directory to be executable by group and others chmod go+x ~
Create a directory called www in your home directory mkdir www
Change the permission of this directory to be executable by group and others chmod go+x www
Create a file called index.html in the www directory using any editor you like (pico is just an editor). cd www
pico index.html
Type the html codes shown here and save it as index.html file. In fact, you do not have to enter html codes. You can just type This is a test only and close the file. ‹html›
‹title› test page ‹/title›
This is a test page.
All files in your www directory should be readable by group and others. chmod -R go+r ~/www/*
To access your homepage, start a web browser and enter the address of your homepage. (please see NOTE 1 below.)

NOTE 1: Starting 6/1/2017, SEASnet migrated the www directories existing in ugrad/grad home directories to /w/userweb file system, and we are to make the same change to faculty/staff personal websites. If you set up a new personal www directory, it may not work until it’s relocated to the /w/userweb file system. SEASnet will try to relocate any new personal www directory within 1 hour during the business hours. You can send email to to make the directory relocation happen sooner. The delay will happen only once when you first create the www directory, and once it’s done, you should be able to modify the contents of your www directory without a delay. /w/userweb file system will be available for modification on,,, and

WARNING: Should SEASnet receive complaints regarding a person’s homepage, an investigation and possible disciplinary action by the Dean of Students may ensue. In addition, UC and UCLA policies must be followed. A list of policies are available on `