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  • Bruin Print/Wepa print station in (2684BH) will provide both black-and-white and color printing. Students can upload their documents to the Wepa print cloud at (UCLA LOGON ID required) and retrieve their documents from the Wepa print stations (on or off campus). Files can also be on a USB drive.  Wepa Print app is available for iOS & Android smart phones or tablets.
  • Wepa Printing fees and rates
  • In the other SEASnet computer labs Your UCLA BAR account will be billed weekly for printing.
  • Printing costs for all other lab printers are listed on the other SEASnet lab printers.
  • To print from the Lab PCs to all other non Wepa lab printer’s, make sure that you have selected the correct printer: Select the program Menu bar and then File –> Print (select the room’s printer)
  • To print from UNIX: lpr –P<printer name> <filename(s)>. For example: lpr –Ppr3760
  • For printing stations outside of the SEASnet labs, see BruinPrint

Printing PDF file

Please download the PDF file from browser to Desktop first, then select “Print as image” under “Advanced” after picking the printer.

Printing Double-Sided

  • Click File > Print.
  • Choose a printer and then click on the Preferences button.

Printer Setting-Step 1

  • Click on the Finishing tab and check the option Print On Both Sides (Manually).

Printer Setting-Step 2

  • Then click OK.