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Staff Member’s Responsibility

SEASnet considers each machine to be a tool for use by the staff.  As such, staff should take a pro-active role in understanding computing basics.  SEASnet will provide basic training for department staff in any areas they feel they need additional assistance with.

  • You have been provided with a user account that may give you full privileges on your machine.  You should never make any changes to your machine configuration or install any programs unless you are willing to take full responsibility for the consequences.  If you are not comfortable with having an account with full privileges, please contact us and we will change your account type.
  • Staff should be cognizant of the fact that they are using shared resources.  If you know you are going to be working with large amounts of data, please coordinate this work with us so that we can ensure that backups won’t fail and disk space will not be an issue.
  • Staff should familiarize themselves with campus IT policies. Those policies dealing with the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” and “Electronic Communications” are especially important. Users should also familiarize themselves with “Electronic Communications Security”. These policies are available from the campus website: