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HSSEAS Network Restrictions

SEASnet employs various methods to ensure the security of data and systems within the School.  As new threats occur, changes may be made to the School’s network configuration without any advance notice.  Devices creating serious problems on the School or other networks will be immediately blocked and the device owner will be notified after the problem has been stopped. Owners with devices not creating serious problems will be notified first and given time to respond. Failure to respond will result in the device being blocked from the network. Repeat offenders may be asked for reimbursement SEASnet for staff time necessary to ensure the device meets UCLA and UC requirements for network access.

Here are some of the ports being blocked by SEASnet and/or campus:

23 Telnet – unsecure text based remote connect
67,68 DHCP – automatic IP assignment
111 SunRPC – unix service information
135-139 NetBios – network naming system
445 SMB – shared folder
515 Line Printer Daemon / Spooler
631 Internet Printing Protocol
1433 MS-SQL-S – Microsoft SQL database server
3283 ARD/ARMS – Apple Remote Desktop/Apple Remote Management Services (works only after connecting to the UCLA VPN)
3306 MySQL – MySQL database
3389 RDP – Windows Remote Desktop (works only after connecting to the UCLA VPN)
3702 WSD – Web Services Discovery and UPnPv2
5000 UPnP – Universal Plug and Play
9100 jetdirect – HP Printer

If you have any questions, you can email:

Please note that SEASnet is required to follow UCLA and UC requirements and policies regarding network devices.  For more information, please visit