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SEASnet Computer Support Request Form


General Information - SEASnet is funded for computing support for 19900 and 19935 funded staff. For those staff not on 19900 or 19935 funds, SEASnet will maintain your PC for a monthly fee. Please fill out the following form to authorize a support contract. The monthly fee is: $30 PC (Windows only).

Policies regarding supported machines:

  • By submitting this request for a support contract, you are agreeing to have the machine placed on support for at least one year.
  • Differential backups are done weekly and full backups are done monthly. Full backups may not exceed 30GB. Users exceeding this quota will have their backups temporarily discontinued until they are in range of the approved quotas. Users wishing to use the Outlook email client will not have email backups.
  • Users may not have administrative privileges to their machine. For a list of supported software, please see: Departmental computing support.
  • If your request for support is for a machine that may not conform to computer vendor standards, we will make every effort to accommodate the request. However, by completing this request you are stating that you understand that at any given time if a security patch or upgrade is required and SEASnet is not successful in installing the patch or upgrade, the machine will be removed from support. Machines older than 5 years cannot be supported.
  • By submitting this request you are agreeing to all SEASnet policies regarding supported machines.
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