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SEASnet Instructional Media Labs

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SEASnet has two open labs that can also be used as instructional media labs: Boelter Hall, 3760 (28 seats plus 1 Instructor PC) and 4404 (63 seats). Room 3760BH has a standard instructional lab setup where the instructor or TA uses a computer at the front of the room to display information via a projector on a screen. Room 4404BH uses software to display what is on the instructor’s machine on each student machine in the room. There are no projectors used in 4404; however, there is a sound system to amplify the instructors lecture.  Check Scheduleit for Lab availability, Then email with the Date, Time, Lab Room Number and Title of your request, Lab Tours available by request.  

Reserving a Room* for HSSEAS Courses during the Academic Year

Reservations for a course for the quarter must be made from the authorized department representative to  Classes not officially assigned to this space may request one time use of the room through, but priority will always been given in the following order:

  1. Courses needing computer-aided instruction
  2. Officially assigned undergraduate courses
  3. Officially assigned graduate courses
  4. Undergraduate courses not assigned this room per department request
  5. Graduate courses not assigned this room per department request
  6. One time events or meetings

SEASnet reserves Monday mornings from 8am-10am for servicing the labs. Courses needing the room at this time will need to request an exception.

If the room is needed for finals, you must ensure that you have made a separate request to Class time is NOT scheduled in the SEASnet labs for finals automatically. 

Once you have received your confirmation, please contact to setup an appointment (at least one working day prior to the class or event) for instructions on the use of the room and to be given access. The appointment requires that the room be accessible. If you wait until after the quarter or summer session starts, the room may not be available for you to be given instructions.

The labs are not available from 8am-10am on Monday, or on Saturday or Sundays; however, we do accept one-time use requests to Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. One-time use reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed by SEASnet. SEASnet will open the room for all one-time events.

Neither the scheduling office nor SEASnet are responsible for the inability of users to gain access to this room if they have failed to follow these instructions.


HSSEAS Student Group Reservation Requests

Requests must come from an association officer along with a link to the association website from the HSSEAS main website listing current officers for verification.


Reserving a Room* for HSSEAS Courses during the Summer

Following the general guidelines listed above, reservations for a course for the summer must be made from the authorized department representative to Courses should not be scheduled with UCLA Summer Sessions until the request has been confirmed. 

Summer course reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed by SEASnet. 


Reserving a Room* for HSSEAS Summer Programs

Reservations for the various HSSEAS summer programs must be made from the authorized department representative by submitting a SEASnet Service Request. While there is no charge for the room, there is a charge for SEASnet staff time for any labor needed (such as account creation, software installations, etc.) Please note these specific requirements:

  • At least three months lead time is needed for software installations
  • Two-weeks advanced notice is needed to create accounts for the students in your program. 
  • Instructors or TAs for the program must make an appointment at least one week prior to the event in order to be given instructions on how to use the room and what information they will need for their students. Instructors are REQUIRED to know SEASnet’s room use and system use policies.
  • If you require SEASnet’s assistance at the start of your program, this must be requested in advance. Note there will be a fee for these services.

Summer program lab reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed by SEASnet. 


Policies Concerning the Rooms

  • You may not double-book a SEASnet instructional lab and a general assignment classroom for the quarter.
  • TA/Instructors are responsible for ensuring that all equipment is shut down properly and the room is secured and not left unattended. SEASnet uses the card entry system to determine the last authorized entry. Do not let other TA/Instructors enter the room WITHOUT swiping their card.
  • Hardware problems with the room should be reported to the SEASnet help desk or to
  • As a courtesy to others please erase the white board after each class.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the room in any type of container at anytime by anyone; nor may any events be scheduled where food and drink will be offered.
  • Classes exceeding the seating capacity are not allowed as stated under UCLA Policy 870 Section B5: Enrollment Management.

You are responsible for understanding and abiding by these policies. Failure to follow the policies will result in any future access to the room being denied.

*These labs are only available for engineering courses or one-time events for engineering students.

⇒Current SEASnet Lab Calendar Schedule