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Administrative Staff Account Requests

SEASnet requires at least 5* working days for account creations. Access to the administrative server (eastaff / pico) is provided for those staff fully funded on either 19900 or 19935 funds.  You may request access to this server for staff that do not meet this requirement; however, SEASnet reserves the right to deny the request.

Any changes in staffing that involve computing resources requires notice of at least 5* working days for any HSSEAS systems.  Access to campus systems are handled by your department. Advance notice is required to ensure that new employees have the computing tools they need when they start work.

New account requests should be made by the department head using this form:

New Administrative Staff Account Request Form

In addition, the following form MUST be completed and signed by both the department head and employee prior to the account being assigned:

Administrative Account Access Authorization

*Additional notice would be appreciated if the employee is starting at either the start or end of the quarter.  If the appropriate notice is not given, SEASnet will do the best we can to have the computing tools your new employee needs ready the day they start work, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so prior to their start date since other prevailing issues can affect our workload.