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Office Relocations and Renovations

Office/Lab Relocations:

SEASnet does not physically relocate network equipment such as computers and printers.  However, when you move this equipment to a new location within any of the engineering buildings, you should coordinate the move to ensure the equipment will have network connectivity.  If SEASnet services are required for an office relocation or renovation (see below), SEASnet must have the following information 14 working days prior to the date you would like to have the network equipment operational in the new location, submitted to us on an SEASnet Service Request. Note that this ONLY applies to locations that have already been cabled. Additional network lines and/or wireless access point installations will be done at the expense at the department and will add weeks to the project.

  • room number/building equipment was in
  • room number/building equipment will be moved to
  • IP address of equipment being relocated
  • network port the equipment will be plugged into in its new location
  • date the equipment will be relocated
  • status of network equipment currently in the new location (if any)

Facilities Renovation Information:

If you are doing any type of room renovations and any affected areas have network connections, an SEASnet Service Request should be submitted to SEASnet at least 14 days prior to Facilities starting work. SEASnet will secure the data-lines so that your department does not incur additional costs due to Facilities’ improper handling of School data lines.  We will make all appropriate network connections upon Facilities’ completion of the job so that your employees can return to work with the correct network connection.


Failure to provide SEASnet with the appropriate lead time for any request can result in one or all of the following: 1) additional charges being incurred, 2) other important work in the School being delayed, and 3) the inability of your employees to have access to network services.