SEASnet Account Quotas

⇒Tips for reducing your disk usage

Home Directory Disk Quota

This is the space you use when you log in to or and when you log in to the SEASnet lab machines. Each student is allocated a specific amount of disk space (Currently 1.5 GB).


SEASnet Lab Roaming Profile Quota

The files and folders located in the users account on the Windows machines in (C:\users\username) are subject to a 200 MB size limit. If you exceed this limit then you will not be allowed to log out until you reduce it. You can click on the profile quota icon on the bottom right of the menu bar to see what is using the disk space. You may need to change your Windows Explorer view to show hidden files and folders.

PrivacIE / Index.dat

This error is the most typical profile quota you’ll see.  In order to correct this, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Open My Computer
  • Click on TOOLS / Folder Options / VIEW tab
  • Click on SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS (to set bullet)
  • Click on HIDE PROTECTED OPERATING SYSTEM FILES (to remove bullet)
  • Click on OK and close all windows
  • OPEN up My Computer / C Drive / user / Your USERNAME folder / PrivacIE / and delete the index.dat
  • Your error will now clear
  • You can get assistance from the 2nd floor front desk LC’s
  • If your file is NOT the index.dat which is causing the problem, browse to the directories listed and delete the file in question

If you are getting an error which is NOT the PrivacIE/Index.dat, look for the icon in the lower right hand corner and open it. This should give you the path to the file / program which is causing the error. Once you have the path, follow the instructions above to go to that location to delete the temp files in question.

⇒Tips for reducing your disk usage