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Wireless / Wired Router Registration Form

This form is used to register your wireless / wired router

Your router must be located in Boelter Hall, Engineering IV, Engineering V, or Engineering VI.

There is no charge for your router registration, but a valid recharge ID is required to process this request.

Routers that are not registered with SEASnet will be shut down.

You MUST ensure that all computers accessing your router are running security software such as anti-virus and anti-malware programs. For example, on Windows machines, this can be Microsoft's Windows Security / Virus & Threat Protection. Anti-Virus scanners from other countries have proven to NOT BE EFFECTIVE. If any computer on your router network is found to be infected, your entire router could be shut down. Your router will not be permitted back on our network until proof has been given to SEASnet that your computers are no longer infected.

When registering for a Wired Router, please fill out the below form as much as possible, skipping over the obvious fields which pertain only to a Wireless Router.

**** Additional Important Information****

File Sharing Programs - Use of any File Sharing Programs, P2P, Bit Torrent, music sharing program is prohibited. If any computer on your network is found to be running these programs, your router could be shut down.

Skype is allowed to be used but it must be completely shut down when not in use (Right Click Skype icon on the lower right hand panel and close). If Skype is left running unattended, Skype may go into Super-Node Mode. In other words, Skype will start to route other web cam connections through your active unattended connection. This will increase our network traffic and once again your wireless router could be shut down.

It is also important to note that the contact for your router be the person in charge of maintaining your network as well as the above program restrictions.

* indicates required field
(your email within
(may be obtained from your Departments administrative staff)
Port Number
Location of Router

Enter your port number based on your building:*
BH = ( example ) E a 12
E4 = ( example ) 37-108 - a 12
E5 = ( not required )
E6 = ( example ) 306 - 2F09

Provide a detailed explanation. You need to explain how the AP would provide services above and beyond the campus wireless network. If you state because of bad signal from the campus wireless network, your request may be denied. Please work with the help desk to troubleshoot campus wireless network signal issues.

By submitting this form I am verifying that I have read and understood:

and that it is my responsibility to make sure the AP and any traffic through it is secure and not compromised that any security breaches via my AP and results thereof are my responsibility that if a compromised system holds personal data (e.g., Social Security number or credit card number), I must follow the procedure found at:

to avoid violating California State Law that wireless networking is not secure even with WEP and MAC address filtering.