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SEASnet Accounts

SEASnet offers accounts for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. The following are general guidelines for each type of account available. If you need additional assistance, please contact . All accounts are subject to the SEASnet User Agreement.


Student Accounts

Students whose registration fee payments are current are eligible for a SEASnet account. Students may apply for an account online by going to  No accounts can be created on SEASnet unless the student is a registered engineering student or a non-engineering student officially enrolled in an engineering course (and registration fees have been paid).  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Students current with their payments who are not taking classes may keep their accounts if they are performing work for an engineering department. However, it is the student’s responsibility of the student to provide SEASnet with documentation from the department or their faculty advisor that states the student’s name, ID, and the length of their departmental work appointment. Students not reporting their change in status will have their account disabled.

Leave of Absence (LOA):
Students current with their payments who are taking an official leave of absence to work outside of HSSEAS will need to have their account placed on hold status. Hold status allows the student’s account to remain exactly as is until the student returns to HSSEAS. Students must report their LOA status in email to the SEASnet help desk informing them of the following:

  • That you want to put your account on a LOA (Leave of Absence)
  • The quarter/year you plan to return

This must be done to prevent their account from being disabled and/or deleted.

Important Student Account Deadlines:
All student accounts expire on 10/31. Students who have paid their registration fees will get their account renewed automatically by SEASnet. An email will be sent to your SEASnet account detailing the renewal process. Student who are not currently registered are not eligible for SEASnet accounts.  Accounts will be deleted if payment has not been made within 90 days of the official campus fee payment deadline or registration has not taken place within that time period.

See more details at

Faculty Accounts

Tenure-track faculty may apply for a faculty account by completing the form available at the SEASnet Help Desk in 2684 Boelter Hall. Faculty accounts expire at the end of employment.


Staff Accounts

All HSSEAS staff may apply for a staff account by completing the form available at the SEASnet Help Desk in 2684 Boelter Hall and showing proof of departmental staff status. Staff accounts have an expiration date of 10/31 and must be renewed annually between 10/01 and 10/31. Renewal instructions will be emailed to your SEASnet account prior to the renewal deadline. Accounts not renewed by 10/31 will be deleted. No account will be restored.


Visitor/Lecturer Accounts

All visitors to HSSEAS may apply for a visitor account by completing the form available at the SEASnet Help Desk in 2684 Boelter Hall. The visitor must bring in a letter from the hosting department that states the name of the hosting faculty member and the duration of the visitor’s stay. The visitor account will be valid until the visitor is scheduled to leave HSSEAS. It is the responsibility of the visitor to keep track of his/her account expiration date.


User Agreement

All users of SEASnet resources are responsible for understanding and abiding by the SEASnet User Agreement. By using any SEASnet resource, it is assumed that you have read and agreed to these terms.