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Accessing EEAPPS from your own PC or from SEASnet Lab PCs

Using Xming and PuTTY

  • for personal PCs only: Install the PuTTY SSH client (if not already installed)
  • for personal PCs only: Install Xming and Xming-fonts (if not already installed)
  • Start Xming
    • Start -> All Programs -> Xming -> Xming (Xming icon will appear at the bottom right of your screen)
  • Set up PuTTY for EEAPPS
    • Double-click the putty.exe icon
    • Enter Host Name:
    • Enter Saved Sessions: eeapps
    • Expand SSH menu on the left, click X11, and check Enable X11 forwarding
    • Scroll up the Category menu and click Session
    • Click Save
    • Click Window, then Appearance
    • Click Font Settings -> Change -> select Courier New, 10-point (or font of your choice) -> OK
    • Click Session, then Save
    • Click Open
  • Use the eeapps session you configured above; it will work with Xming to display the graphics on your PC