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Lab Issues

Check here regularly for updates on any known issues pertaining to the use of the programs in the SEASnet Labs along with student group information.

IE Issues with: Flash, Java, Downloads not working

You will need to reset your IE to have the above issues corrected.

To reset IE:

  1. Open IE and Click on the GEAR Icon to the right / Click on Internet Options
  2. Click on the Advanced Tab (Upper Right)
  3. Click on Reset (Lower Right)
  4. Close IE / re-open
  5. All items should now work

File Save Errors

There are known file save errors pertaining to certain programs on our labs.  You can check “Software In Labs” and see if a known issue exists in using any particular software,

If your saved files are becoming corrupted and/or unreadable, then you may have reached/exceeded your Disk Quota. Please click HERE.


Matlab on the SEASnet lab computers is only licensed for coursework and must be approved by your instructor or TA.  However, you can use Octave, which is available on all lab computers.  See the below link for more info:

 Matlab and Octave

Lab Machine Inactivity

Due to recent heavy usage in the labs, users will be logged off of the lab computers after 15 minutes of inactivity. Please remember that university-related coursework gets the highest priority. During peak usage hours, lab consultants will be monitoring the labs to ensure that computers are used appropriately.


In order to zip any files you must:

  1. Create a Zip Folder: Right Click / New / Compressed (Zipped) Folder
  2. Rename the folder
  3. Drag the files to the folder
  4. You have zipped your files.

Print Job Refunds

To receive a refund where your printout is unacceptable due to lines/streaks/faded toner, please return the entire print job to the SEASnet Helpdesk (including the header sheet – if the header sheet is unreadable, please provide your username, the number of pages printed, and the printer name). Your request will be processed by the SEASnet programmers.  In the event the programming office is closed, you can leave the unacceptable output with the SEASnet lab consultants.