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Informix Database Commands

General Informix Perform Screen usage:

  • Q = query. Enter values to match in fields to match. The ESC key queries; DEL
    key (and Ctrl-C) aborts. Field values may:

    • start with >, >=, <, <=
    • contain val1:val2 [range] or val1|val2 [or]
    • “*” is multiple character wildcard (E.g.: “L*ON” matches “LION”, “LARSON”,
      “LIGHT ON”, etc.)
    • “?” is single character wildcard (E.g.: “B?T” matches “BIT”, “BOT”, “BAT”, etc.)
    • “=” sign matches a null value
  • A = add. Enter values for the row to add. ESC/DEL when done.
  • U = update. Edit row values. ESC/DEL when done.
  • E = exit. (Or, return to menu.)
  • M / D = Master / Detail screen when a MASTER OF relationship exists between two tables.

Perform Screen Navigation:

  • advance to the next field:                       down arrow, Ctrl-J
  • go back to the previous field:                up arrow, Ctrl-K
  • go ahead one space within a field:       right arrow, Ctrl-L (will advance to the beginning of the next field if cursor is at the end of the current field)
  • go back one space within a field:         left arrow, Ctrl-H (will go back to the beginning of the previous field if cursor is at the beginning of the current field)
  • delete character:                                    Ctrl-X (like pressing delete key, not backspace)
  • delete to the end of the field:               Ctrl-D