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Supported Staff Accounts

Please read our guideline on How to Create Strong Passwords first.

Administrative staff with accounts on the restricted server labeled “eastaff” on their supported machine have passwords for their server account and also a password for their supported machine.  It is recommended that both of those be different.

Note: Bold items are what you need to type in and italics are what you will see at the console.

Windows 7 Password (Supported machine)

  • Ctrl-Alt-Del
  • Click Change Password
  • Old password: Type in your current Windows Password
  • New password: *Type in your new Windows Password
  • Confirm password: *Type in your new Windows Password
  • Fill in the fields and click Change Password

* Must be a complex password with at least 9 characters and contain an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a symbol

Server Account

  • Click on the link on the desktop of your supported machine that says “EAStaff” and log in
    If you get asked Terminal type? [“help” to list examples] – Just press the Enter key.
  • Type in the command passwd

    Changing password for <username>
    Old password: 
    New Password
    Re-enter new Password:
    password successfully changed for <username>For security reasons, you will not be shown any characters that you type.

Changing your server account password will also change your email password.