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IT Services will be updating the SSL certificate that secures wireless authentication for the eduroam wireless SSID on Wednesday, February 22nd, between 8:00AM and 8:30AM. Some wireless devices will detect that the SSL certificate has changed when connecting to the network and will pop up a warning, asking to trust the certificate or not.

The updated certificate can be validated by checking the following information:

  • The new certificate has the subject
  • The new certificate has the serial number 67:d1:09:38:9b:45:83:1a:e0:91:2b:f5:39:b3:0b:56
  • The new certificate has an MD5 fingerprint of B1:94:BC:14:F7:01:91:46:43:79:15:38:55:F5:49:DA
  • The new certificate has a SHA1 fingerprint of FA:1D:18:05:A1:FF:AE:B9:DE:C3:69:D1:01:3E:00:40:0B:00:A9:D7