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Linux Servers

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What are lxnsrv servers and who can use these machines?

The lnxsrv servers refers to a group of machines that may be used by non-EE classes. You need to be on the UCLA network to connect to these servers. If you are connecting from off-campus please login to the campus VPN server first.

  • If you login to, you will be logged into one of the machines that belong to lnxsrv servers.
  • You may use individual hostname if you want, but we recommend using because that will help with load balancing and system maintenance.
  • You need your SEAS account to access these machines, and you should be enrolled in one of the classes that are allowed to access lnxsrv servers.
  • You MUST be on the UCLA network in order to use the lnxsrv machines.

How to access lnxsrv from your own PC or from SEASLAB, with XWindow

  1. (your PC only) Install PuTTY SSH client if you don’t already have it
  2. (your PC only) Install Xming and Xming-fonts if you don’t already have it
  3. Start Xming:
      • Start -> All Programs -> Xming -> Xming (Xming icon will appear at the bottom right of your screen.)
  4. Set up PuTTY for lnxsrv
    1. double-click putty.exe icon
    2. enter Host Name:
    3. enter Saved Sessions: lnxsrv
    4. expand SSH menu on the left, click X11, check Enable X11 forwarding
    5. scroll up the Category menu, click Session
    6. click Save
    7. click Window, Appearance
    8. Font settings, Change, select Courier New, 10-point (or whichever you like), OK
    9. click Session, Save
    10. click Open
  5. Use the lnxsrv session you configured above, it will work with Xming to display the graphics on your PC.

How to access lnxsrv from another UNIX host, with XWindow

Example: assuming your SEAS account loginname is testuser

ssh -X -l testuser

-X enables X11 forwarding
-l testuser not necessary if the loginname the same between the two hosts


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