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How to Secure Shared Folders

What is folder sharing?
In Windows 2000/XP, a service called File and Printer Sharing is turned on by default. Files are shared by enabling shared access to a folder. Hence, for simplification, we shall just refer to it as shared folders.

What is the risk?
Be default, Windows XP uses a sharing type called Simple File Sharing  (SFS).  This type of sharing allows anyone on the network to access your shared files and folders without a password.**   It is more suited towards a small network where you know the other users and trust them; for example, a home network.  Also, in Windows 2000 and Windows XP (with SFS turned off), if your administrator’s password is weak, an attacker can get  into your computer and cause a lot of damage.

**For more details, please see Microsoft’s instructions on how to configure file sharing.

What can I do?
Ask yourself if you need to share files/folders. Yes or No?

If you do not need to share files/folders, turn off File and Print Sharing and/or turn off the firewall exception for  File and Print sharing (webpage to explain this in progress).

Windows 7

  • By Default, Windows 7 does not have Folder Sharing enabled.
  • You must change the properties of the folder to be shared to allow for it, as well as specify which users may have access to it.
  • See Microsoft’s site for further information: File Sharing Essentials for Windows 7.

Windows XP

  • Click Start, click Run…, and type in “ncpa.cpl”
    Press Enter/Click OK
  • For each network entry, perform the next two steps:
    Right-click and select Properties
    Wired networks are usually called Local Area Connection and Wireless networks are called Wireless Network Connection


  • In the box that lists This connection uses the following items:
    Un-check the File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
    Click OK


If you do need to share folders, please make sure  to

  1. Create a limited account to use for sharing:
    Click Start, Click Run…, enter “nusrmgr.cpl”, Click
    Create a new account,
    Enter a username, click Next, click Limited, and click Create Account
  2. Make sure you have strong passwords for ALL the accounts on your computer
  3. Set permissions on your shared folders
      • Right-click on the folder to be shared and select Sharing and



  4. Select Share this folder to enable sharing and change the  Share name if you wish, then click on Permissions
  5. Remove Everyone and add the user created earlier for sharing
    folder_perm folder_perm2
    Make sure to Allow the minimum needed permissions

*Simple file sharing is on always for XP Home.  It can be disabled in XP Pro.

**For more details, please see Microsoft’s instructions on how to configure file sharing.

Note: Staff-managed machines will need File and Printer Sharing to be left on, so please do not turn it off.