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Windows Lab Applications

Software may be restricted for the following reasons:

  • Licensing agreements. Some of our lab software has licensing agreements that state the software will only be used by students for their coursework.
  • Limited number of licenses. Some software in our labs has a limited number of licenses and cannot logistically be made available to all students without causing an inconvenience or problem for those students requiring it for course work.
  • Department purchased software. SEASnet restricts software purchased by departments for installation in the labs if requested.
  • * For software marked with *, you MUST be enrolled in a related course to use it and your instructor must have requested activation of the software for your course following these instructions.
  • **, *** Most Windows applications are available when connecting remotely to the terminal servers. Exceptions are marked with ** and *** below.
  • *** Project Professional on the terminal server is reserved for the online program and requires that the instructor request activation.

If you have questions regarding a specific software package or just general questions please email .


Software Installed on Windows PC

Abaqus CAE * Adobe Acrobat AGI STK
Ansys * AutoCAD ArcGIS
CAST CES EduPACK * Comsol (Femlab) *
Deep Soil 6 ** Eclipse Electric
Epanet ETABS(Remote Only) HEC-HMS
HEC-RAS HydroDesktop IHF
Maple MapWindows GIS Mastan2
MathType MATLAB * MCTrans HCS+
MobaXterm (remote only) ModFlow ModelMuse
Microsoft Office Microsoft Project*** Microsoft Visio
MsMathmatics MT3D Notepad++
Octave Orcad-Capture Lite Perform-3D
Pro/II ** Putty Python
R-Project Rhapsody(remote only) Rocscience (remote only)
Swat-Cup Swat Editor Swat Plot
TEAPAC * UniSimDesign VisSim
Visual Studio X-Win32 (remote only) Xming **