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Alias Commands

General Aliases:

Use the command “showalias” while logged in to the EAstaff (pico) server. In general, you use the command with one parameter to show the contents of an alias. Examples:

showalias msos – lists the contents of the “msos” alias 

However, the command works in other ways:

showalias – returns a list of all aliases (use the command by itself, without any parameters)

showalias fac  – returns a list of all aliases matching “*fac”

showalias faculty yang – shows the contents of the “faculty” alias that contain “yang” (note: the search is not case sensitive)

Student Aliases:

We have also added a command to view the contents of the student aliases. This command is “stualias”. The “stualias” command works the same way as the “showalias” command. For example:

stualias ee – returns a list of all EE department student aliases

stualias ee_gradrlf – returns a list of all EE department graduate students with registration status of R, L, or F

stualias ee_gradrlf lee – shows email addresses for graduate students named “Lee” in the EE department

MyEngineering Email Alias Tool

Users with access to the MyEngineering Email Tool can use this tool for aliases belonging to the user’s unit. For a full list of available aliases, please use the above described method.

Important Policies about HSSEAS Aliases:

  • Aliases are restricted to ensure that only authorized senders may email HSSEAS aliases.  Do not assume that if you can see the alias, you can send to it.  Aliases may ONLY be used for HSSEAS business.
  • All aliases should be sent to  from the bcc line – do NOT put the alias in the to or cc line of your email program.
  • We respect users’ right to privacy.  You may NOT share email addresses with anyone.
  • All aliases are generated by pulling data from either personnel or student database systems. If someone is missing from an alias, please check the individual’s status in the appropriate database.
  • Aliases cannot be modified manually.  Users may not be removed from an alias without a database change.
  • Users violating these policies may have their ability to send to the aliases revoked.