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Licensed Software Purchases

UCLA, through Software Central has contracted out with SHI. SHI "SHI International Corp." (VCK number 020704004) provides software licenses for Adobe and Microsoft software at academic prices under UCLA Blanket Agreement # 0000KKB037 for Software and #0000KKB038 for MCCA. These are not shrink-wrapped retail software packages. Instead they are volume license versions. You will be responsible for securing any license you purchased.

Prior to to purchasing you can check with to see if we already have the media CD's for a particular piece of software or if it is Microsoft software, if it is covered under our existing MCCA agreement. If not, you will be required to purchase both the license and the media.

If you feel the software will be beneficial to all staff in HSSEAS, SEASnet may consent to purchasing the media. If you are purchasing the software for a supported machine, SEASnet will make a note of your purchase and will be able to transfer the license to a new machine, provided we have the media. If you are the holder of the media, you must be able to provide the media to SEASnet for any re-installation.

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