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This form is used to request services from the SEASnet Computing Facility.

If you are only requesting port activation NO CHARGES will be made to the account number you have provided. Please be sure to specify the correct port information as detailed below under the Request Details section.  Please also include your currently issued IP Address.

If you are requesting an Ethernet Cable, please specify quantity and length of cable(s) desired in the Request Details section.

If you are requesting purchase of a switch, please specify 5-port of 8-port.

 If you are requesting work on a computer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have all your data backed up prior to SEASnet beginning the work. If you cannot backup your data prior to the start of the job, notify SEASnet and we will do our best to backup your data for you before the work begins; however, it is understood that SEASnet will not be responsible for the loss of any data.  Please make sure you are specific with your request so that work can be done properly.

Once this request is received you should receive a call or email to setup an appointment with you

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are unsure whether or not a charge will apply, please ask that you would like an estimate of associated costs in the "request details" field.

Name: First Last
Must be in the form of
Phone phone number (999) 999-9999
Room Number / Building
[53-155 / E IV] etc.
This may be obtained from your Departments administrative staff.
Example: KA00
Adviser or Dept Head authorizing this.
If applicable to your request (Required for Port Change)
Ethernet Cable - Please include quantity and length.

Switch - Please specify 5-port or 8-port Switch

Port Activation - if you already have an IP Address and are moving to a new room / location - Please include port number in the following format (PORT PLATE / PORT NUMBER) for the following Buildings:

E IV (57-108 / B24)
BH (E or W-P24)
Please also include your SEASnet issued IP Address above
Work on a Computer - Please include your current operating system and be specific on what task you need done.


Note: SEASnet is here to assist you with your hardware and software needs. We do not physically move computing equipment.