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Want to know what your IEI fee covers?  Watch this:.

Instructional Enhancement Initiative Fee


All students enrolled in non-tutorial, undergraduate HSSEAS' courses and graduate courses that are cross-listed with undergraduate courses are assessed a course materials fee of $7 per unit. This fee is used solely for the purpose of providing computing resources in support of undergraduate coursework within the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.  Starting Winter 2012, an additional $1 fee is assessed on the above outlined courses. The additional fee is used to enhance students' access to technology in campus supported services such as webcasts, podcasts and mobile applications. Students will see a $8/unit IEI fee on their BAR account. The additional fee was approved by the Chancellor following a recommendation from the Student Fee Advisory Committee last fall. The Daily Bruin wrote about the planned increase in October.

Fees are assessed based upon enrollment following the completion of the fourth week of classes each quarter and are charged to the student's BAR account, payable through URSA.

Students must maintain their fee payments. Accounts with delinquent fees will be disabled and the student will lose access to all SEASnet lab machines, LINUX servers, remote server, CourseWeb, and the SEASnet download site as noted in the SEASnet Account policy.

We recognize that it is an additional burden on you, our students, but it is essential for us to continue to provide you the latest vehicles for utilization of information technology tools to enhance your educational experience.

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