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New account requests

Personnel Issues:

Any changes in staffing that involve computing resources requires notice of at least 5* working days for any HSSEAS systems. Access to campus systems are handled by your department. Advance notice is required to ensure that when your new employee starts work they have the computing tools they need.

*additional notice would be appreciated if the employee is starting at either the start or end of the quarter

If the appropriate notice is not given, SEASnet will do the best we can to have the computing tools your new employee needs ready the day they start work, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so prior to their start date since other prevailing issues can affect our workload.

When submitting a request for a new administrative staff account, SEASnet will need the following information:

  1. Is the employee new to the University (UCLA)?
  2. Employee's first, middle, and last name.
  3. Three login name preferences (3-8 characters in length) <must be a combination of the users name and can't include numbers, symbols or nicknames that are not part of their name>.
  4. 9-digit UID.
  5. Is the employee a replacement for someone? If so, whom is she or he replacing?
  6. If the employee is a replacement, should the new employee have the same HSSEAS database access as the person they are replacing? - If same access, please list all databases that employee will need to access to. (Access via eastaff / Pico)
  7. Do you have the old employee's securID card or did you turn it in to the SEASnet helpdesk? If you have the securID card, you need to turn it in to SEASnet so it can be reassigned. If you do not have the old employee's securID card, and you did not turn it in to the SEASnet helpdesk, you will need to purchase a new one by completing an MSR. A charge will be incurred by your department for the device.The Securid IS required for access to the eastaff / Pico databases, access to department Shared Drives as well as access to our Vacation Auto-Reply Management screen.
  8. If the employee is not a replacement, which HSSEAS databases will he/she need access to? Please submit an MSR to cover the cost of the new securID card which is required to access all databases (eastaff / Pico / Vacation Auto Reply Management / Shared Drives)
  9. If no HSSEAS database access is required, does the employee need to login to the administrative servers or the EA web reports? The website will allow them to set a vacation message if they receive email on seas /, and see who is on the various email alias lists. If access is not needed, and they will only be reading email, you should request a regular SEASnet account.
  10. AIS access is handled by each department head. If this request is coming from department 0115, we will need to know the following information:
    • Will the employee need access to OASIS? If no, we do not need additional information.
    • If yes, do they have an AIS logon, or do they need one?
    • If yes, what OASIS access do they need?
  11. Plone Access.  Will employee need access to change your website via plone?  If so, we'll need their UCLA Login Name along with what type of access / pages the user will need?  Specify which website to give access to, what pages the user will need to edit (if only certain pages) and type of access needed (member, reader, editor, reviewer, manager)

SEASnet requires at least 5 working days for account creations. By submitting this request you, as the supervisor, are stating that you understand which access is being requested and that you are responsible for ensuring that the employee is aware of any restrictions regarding this data.

SEASnet provides access to this restricted server for those staff fully funded on either 19900 or 19935 funds (based on departmental 19900/19935 FTE). You may request access to this server for staff that do not meet this requirement; however, SEASnet reserves the right to deny the request.

Note: only the first three questions above apply to student workers

Failure to provide SEASnet with the appropriate lead time or all information requested can result in significant delays to your request.

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