Seasnet Computer Labs

The lab infrastructure consists of Sun servers for specific services, applications and home directory access. Students login the labs using Windows7 (200+ machines). When users logon to either system their home directory on SEASnet gets automatically mounted. Users may only save files to their home directory. Each Windows machine has X-Ming in order to run graphical software installed on the Sun servers. You can view currently available software here.


Room Number Operating System Specifications Number of Printers
2664BH Windows 7 (53) i5 64-bit/3.70GHz/4GB RAM 4 HP Laserjets
3760BH (may be reserved) Windows 7 (29) Xeon 64-bit/3.10GHz/8GB RAM 1 HP Laserjet
4404BH(may be reserved) Windows7 (65) i5 64-bit/3.10GHz/4GB RAM 4 HP Laserjets
4405BH Windows 7 (16) Xeon 64-bit/3.70GHz/8GB RAM 1 HP Laserjet
4442BH Windows 7 (36) Xeon 64-bit/3.10GHz/4GB RAM 2 HP Laserjets


Hours (Regular)
Mon   10am – 11pm
Tue     8am – 11pm
Wed    8am – 11pm
Thu     8am – 11pm
Fri      8am – 6pm
Sat     9am – 9pm
Sun     1pm – 11pm


  • Your account will be revoked if you bring any food or drink into the lab.
  • LAB use is strictly for course work only.


  • Typical finals week hours are Monday through Thursday from 8am-11pm, Friday from 8am-6pm, Saturday 9am-11pm and Sunday from 1pm-11pm. Finals week lab hours are posted on Current MOTD Postings.
  • During Spring Break, Summer Vacation, and in between quarters, labs are open 9am – 5pm and closed on weekends.
  • Labs are closed on University holidays.