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SEASnet Wireless Network

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HSSEAS/CTS Wireless Implementation


SEASnet piloted a new wireless implementation with campus Communications Technology Services (CTS).  The pilot began with the Engineering V building with replacement of the existing SEASnet Access Points (AP's).  The pilot was successful so the second phase took  place on 12/12/2011 with Engineering IV.  The wireless network will conform to the Campus standard with authentication, where applicable, being done via UCLA Logon.

Four wireless networks are provided:

  • eduroam - Provides the highest level of security but devices need to be configured.
  • UCLA_WIFI - A portal based network that uses UCLA Logon or guest credentials for authentication.  VPN is also allowed.
  • UCLA_SECURE - A secure network that uses UCLA Logon for authentication and access.
  • UCLA_WEB - A network that allows for web (HTTP/HTTPS) traffic without authentication.  VPN is also allowed.
  • UCLA_WAN - A network that allows access ONLY to UCLA Webpages (Any and VPN is REQUIRED for web (HTTP/HTTPS) traffic.

Information about how to connect to wireless in Engineering IV and Engineering V can be found at:  To connect to wireless in Boelter Hall, you will need to first connect to the campus VPN server (see information below).  It is expected that Boelter Hall will be converted during the winter quarter.

Please send any comments or suggestions regarding the pilot to:


Wireless Access in Boelter Hall

Wireless access in Boelter Hall has not yet been converted.  Current areas of coverage in Boelter Hall (excluding the Computer Science department network which is managed by the CS Department Staff) can be found here.

What is needed?

  • An 802.11b compliant wireless card for your computer and appropriate driver.
  • A UCLA logon ID account for authentication with the campus VPN server.
  • VPN client software for your computer. You may obtain the VPN client software and configuration information at

What do I do to connect?

  • Install the 802.11b wireless card and configure the driver in your computer.
  • Configure the driver to use UCLAWLAN as the network name (SSID).
  • Configure the driver to get its wireless IP address and DNS servers from the network using DHCP.
  • With this minimal configuration, you will find that you have web browser access to UCLA networks* (but not off campus access) and secure shell (ssh) connectivity to anywhere. For full network service resources continue with the following:
  • Once the VPN client has been installed, connect to the campus VPN server,, and login using your UCLA logon ID.
  • Once your connection to the VPN server has been established you have complete access to network services including the ability to browse off campus.

If you have questions or problems please send email to or contact the SEASnet help desk in 2684 Boelter Hall, x66864.


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