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Computing Information for New Students

What is a SEASnet Account?


A SEASnet account will get you access to the School's instructional computing facilities and software that is only available to engineering students.  A SEASnet account is different from the Bruin OnLine account you signed up for when you submitted your Statement of Intent to Register.  Both accounts are important to HSSEAS students.


What Type of Computer Do I Need?


SEASnet believes that the type of computer an engineering student wishes to use is a personal choice.  Rather than making specific recommendations, we provide information and guidelines so each student can make an informed decision based on individual preferences.

The instructional computing facility (SEASnet) has been tasked with providing students the software they will need in order to complete their coursework.  Students will have 24/7 remote access to both Linux and Windows servers.  SEASnet also provides 4 walk-in student labs (Windows) open varying hours 7 days a week during the quarter with extended hours 8th through 10th week.

The majority of the SEASnet labs are Windows based since the majority of software used by engineering courses runs on Windows.   In addition, HSSEAS is a member of the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) program, which provides free Microsoft software (with the exception of MS Office) to students enrolled in at least 1 credit engineering course.  While the bulk of our computing experience is with Windows, we do assist users who prefer to work on Mac OS X.  Mac users have many options for running Windows software (e.g., Parallels, Fusion, and Remote Desktop connections to a SEASnet server).  We do caution students in fields like mechanical engineering that they may not be satisfied with the performance of graphics-intensive applications on a Mac running Windows.

No matter what type of computer you decide to bring to UCLA we will do our best to assist you with your computing issues.  Before you purchase a machine, you may want to check out the UCLA pricing.  There is a Personal Purchase Program for purchases of Dell, HP (Compaq) and Gateway machines at discounted rates. To check out prices for these machines you will need your UCLA student ID to login here (make sure you allow popups):  In addition, the UCLA student store offers Mac OS X machines at discounted prices. A link to that information is here:

No matter what type of machine you choose to purchase, we do recommend that engineers never skimp on memory, processor speed, and disk space.  Also, depending on how much work you plan to do on your machine you should consider a larger screen. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have additional questions or concerns.

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