Anti Virus Software

Why Do I Need Anti-Virus Software?

Anti VirusSystems infected with virus’ or worms pose a threat to other systems on the internet and jeopardize both data and the ability of people to work or conduct business within and beyond UCLA. Failure to take decisive steps to limit a systems ability to infect other systems exposes the School and the University to criticism, network isolation from key networks and possible legal action.

When you are requesting your machine be connected to the network it is your responsibility to make sure that your machine is as secure as possible.

If a compromised system holds personal data (e.g. Social Security number or credit card number) you must follow the procedure in UCLA Policy 420 to avoid violating California State Law.

Campus Anti-Virus Software Information

BOL provides Sophos Anti-Virus for campus use for Windows and Mac. A BOL username and password is required for download:

Security Information

Please see SEASnet’s security information .

Useful Links

These tools should not be used as a substitute for running virus scanning software.

Windows Machine Infected?

What happens if I get infected? The first thing SEASnet will do is remove your machine from the network. But that’s only the beginning. Want to know what it will take to clean your PC if you get infected or hacked? SEASnet has placed cleaning instructions on the web. This ain’t pretty, people…